» April First – No Foolin!!

April First – No Foolin!!

This past week has been non-stop work for practically every moment we’ve had daylight. The greenhouse is completed, we’ve transplanted our first batch of seedlings into 30 flats, and planted another 8 flats of new seeds.

We have also almost completed clearing and preparing the ground for the first 24 10-13 meter-long soil-beds or Grow-Beds.

We have had to supply heat in the greenhouse during the nights, as we have hard freezes every night. We hope that will change soon, as the plants don’t like temperatures below about 50 degrees fahrenheit.

Some wonderful people are following our progress, and your notes and assistance are SO GREATLY appreciated. If you have never spent time in a developing country you likely can’t imagine the challenges and difficulties we face.

But we are committed to making a difference for good, the best way we can. We are grateful for Sundays. We need the rest and change of focus.