» In-Country Agronomist Becoming Mittleider Expert

In-Country Agronomist Becoming Mittleider Expert

I was so pleased to visit in his greenhouse last night with the man who has assisted me for the past two years, and discover he is becoming a competent greenhouse grower.

His name is Gnel, and he has a greenhouse with about 1,000 beautiful tomato plants, which he will grow to maturity and sell the crop.

Only 10 months ago he didn’t know how to start or grow seedlings, and now I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t have the best looking plants in the country.

Our own greenhouse is struggling to do its job, with cold, cloudy, rainy, freezing weather. Our little seedlings haven’t been able to really start growing since we transplanted them last week, for lack of heat and sunlight. Hopefully it will warm up soon.