» Greenhouse Construction – Pictures

Greenhouse Construction – Pictures

I have been able to download some digital pictures of the 20′ X 40′ greenhouse we have built and put into production in the village of Getk, in the Shirak Region of Armenia.

When we arrived in the country the property was under more than a foot of snow, but luckily we had most of the welding done last November.

Meanwhile, we began a couple of flats of seedlings indoors in a warm place. When they germinated and emerged we put them in a South-facing window and put them under 4′-long fluorescent lights as well.

The pictures show healthy plants by the time we finally were able to transplant them in the greenhouse.

To see the pictures, join the free gardening group – the invitation for which is on every page of this website. After joining, go to the Photos section and look for the folder called Armenia 2006. Enjoy!