» Grow 10 Times as Much in Same Space? Or Use Less Space & Do a Better Job!

Grow 10 Times as Much in Same Space? Or Use Less Space & Do a Better Job!

We teach true principles and highly productive procedures, which can greatly increase your yield – even by as much as 10 times in many cases.

The procedures include protecting your plants against anything that will harm them, or that does not provide good growing conditions. Frequent watering, timely weeding, proper plant spacing, ample light, and safe temperature ranges are some of those conditions,

How about protecting your tender plants against nature’s occasional wrath, such as hail storms??

In the Shirak Region of Armenia we were told to expect hail, and we prepared wire arches and plastic, which served us well through several frosts in April and May, and some hail in early June. Congratulations, you’ve got a BEAUTIFUL garden, and it’s growing large!

Our plants were so large they grew beyond the wire arches, and the weather had been hot for more than 2 weeks. “Finally, it’s time to remove the wire arches and set the plastic aside – we won’t be needing it any more”, I thought, as neighbors gazed in wonder and admiration.

BAD IDEA! Only 2 days after removing the last of the wire arches we took some welding to a helpful neighbor, unaware of any weather threat. In no more than 20 minutes a savage storm came out of the West (Turkey), and for almost 45 minutes the village of Getk and our beautiful garden were subjected to the worst hail storm I’ve ever experienced.

When we finally could get home we were shocked to see what looked like total devastation, and we felt as if 4+ months of hard work had just been wasted. And neighbors’ gardens suffered the same fate. What a sad day!

In the past two days we have made a careful survey, removed damaged material, given away mature crops subject to being wasted otherwise, fed the plants, and watched in amazement as many hundreds of strong plants begin to recover from what should have been a death-blow.

It may take a month to 6 weeks before the garden looks as beautiful as it did 4 days ago, and it probably won’t produce as much as it might have done, but we still have a garden! We credit the excellent size and health of our plants with helping most of them survive this TERRIBLE beating.

And we have the wire frames in place again, as well as plastic in place on the T-Frames. This time they’re staying through the season!

Hopefully I’ve learned that knowledge is only useful if it’s applied.