» Use 20% of Your Garden Space and Double Your Yield!

Use 20% of Your Garden Space and Double Your Yield!

We teach and demonstrate to people everywhere how to grow as much as ten times the produce in the same space. This is a great sell, and it’s the truth, but it sometimes creates a problem of its own.

Many people get excited at the prospect of growing ten times the healthy produce they have done in the past, and they immediately proceed to plant the entire garden area using the Mittleider Method.

Here’s part of the problem: Multiplying your yield requires effort and skill. For example, growing plants vertically entails pruning and caring for many more plants in the same space as when they were allowed to grow horizontally. And the skills, such as pruning, are not acquired overnight.

Another factor is increasing yield by extending the growing season – sometimes on both ends. Are we prepared to create and maintain “mini-greenhouses” of metal rods or PVC pipe, and then be ready at all times to cover a large garden to protect it against unfavorable weather? For an example of this, see my previous blog.

Sometimes people are overwhelmed with the work, and then everything suffers, and there’s disappointment and discouragement.

Therefore, as of this moment, I am changing my approach!

Instead of telling folks they can get ten times the yield I will now recommend people use just a fourth or fifth of their garden space, work it properly and well, and tell them to expect to receive about twice the amount of food they received before discovering these methods.