» Students’ Graduation – Last Lesson and Garden Tours

Students’ Graduation – Last Lesson and Garden Tours

On Friday, July 7, 2006 we visited the villages of Karakert, Miasnikyan, and Lernagog, where the three students, Ruzan, Simon, and Rubik, who stayed with their training to the end, live.

We presented a final video presentation, gave each student some T-Frames, books, CD’s, and DVD’s, and toured their gardens.

It was very gratifying to see the work these dedicated people have done to make their gardens models of the Mittleider Method, and great examples of what can be done for the 200 families in their villages who are also participating in growing the Mittleider way this year for the first time.

The students were given assistance with 10 grow-beds, but their gardens have become much bigger than the prescribed minimum, and each of them have made their entire garden areas into Mittleider gardens, except for small parts where they are comparing with an existing crop.

Rubik has always been one to take the opposite view, and he was a real challenge the entire time, but imagine the joy to visit his garden and have him say “I’m converted! The results leave no room for doubt!” And his garden is a thing of beauty, with virtually 100% uniform growth, and even ripe tomatoes, while others in his village don’t even dare grow them!

We will post pictures of these gardens at the MittleiderGardeningGroup site on Yahoo Groups in the Photos section. And hopefully I’ll have more time to describe the success these good people are enjoying as they show and teach their neighbors and friends how to multiply the yields of their gardens.