» Requests for Assistance World-Wide – Get Involved!

Requests for Assistance World-Wide – Get Involved!

We receive requests from wonderful organizations that are doing great work in SO MANY PLACES, and we are severely limited in what we can do to assist them, because we ourselves are under-funded.

Just today a help-request letter and pictures came from a dedicated group in India, who are giving children from the Untouchable Caste a home, education, clothes, a healthy living environment, and a chance to escape the hopeless dead-end conditions into which they were born.

The ideal would be for us to send a gardening expert to live with them for 6 months, to create a seedling greenhouse and garden, and teach the orphanage staff and teachers how to grow ten times the amount of healthy vegetables they are now producing.

The problem with that scenario is that it would cost between $15,000 and $20,000 to do the job right, and regrettably we just don’t have the resources.

Does anyone out there love children enough, and want to change the lives of these Untouchables sufficiently to help fund such a project? One project like this in a country, if it’s carried on permanently and the results advertised, can create great changes and affect lives far beyond what we can imagine.

An example is the Zaokski school in Russia, where a garden and school was set up in 1989. in just 17 years that school has become well-known and respected throughout the Russian Commonwealth countries, and the 1,000+ student graduates have blessed literally millions of families’ lives for good.

Most of us feel we just don’t have the means, time, or ability to do much good, or to make much difference. And feeling that way keeps many people from doing ANYTHING.

God’s promise is that “out of small things proceedeth that which is great”, and I invite you to remember Jesus Christ’s injunction to love our neighbor as ourselves – remembering that EVERYONE is your neighbor.

Please join us as we do a few “small things”, by donating what you can to help. One hundred percent of your donations will be used to benefit others, with none used for salaries or office overhead. Thanks for caring!