» Armenian Students Become Georgia Project Supervisors

Armenian Students Become Georgia Project Supervisors

We were gratified to learn yesterday that two of our students from the 2006 training project in Getk, Armenia were hired to supervise a large training and demonstration project in the neighboring country of Georgia!

Ruzanna and Simone learned their lessons from last year very well. They had beautiful and highly successful vegetable gardens in their own villages, and they spent much time demonstrating to, teaching, and assisting other families throughout their villages to learn and grow great gardens themselves.

It was reported that those who followed the methods achieved increases in yield of 6 times their previous production.

Ruzanna and Simone will supervise the growing of 80-90,000 seedlings; they will teach 16 other students; and they will help those students work with and train 200 families from 3 villages, beginning in mid-February and continuing through the 2007 growing season.

Our congratulations go out to Ruzanna and Simone for their graduation from student to teacher!