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Get Your Fertilizers NOW

I went to Home Depot and Lowes in Birmingham, Alabama this week, to get some lime for my lawn and vegetable garden, and I was excited to discover they have several things EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE.

Ammonium Nitrate – 34-0-0 is available in 40# bags for less than
$8.50. This is LESS than the Per-Ton price for which the Foundation gets 21-0-0 in bulk (we can’t get 34-0-0 AT ALL in Utah) Many states won’t allow 34-0-0 to be sold at all! If the Home Depots in your state have this, load up!!

They were selling 40# bags of 13-13-13 (works well for the weekly Feed) for $6.48 per bag, which is GREAT. And 17-17-17 was not much more. Again, I would load up on as much of these as you can comfortably store. It won’t get any cheaper, in my opinion, and the shelf life is “forever”.

And they were selling Dolomite Lime in 40# bags for $3.89 per bag. Again, this is a great price, and everyone should stock up. If you receive more than 20″ of annual rainfall you should be using lime in your yard and garden, and Dolomite lime ALREADY has the magnesium in it! This is good stuff, with 24% calcium and 6% magnesium.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to order your micro-nutrients QUICKLY! Enough micros to make 47# of fertilizers (by adding 13-13-13 and Epson Salt) costs only $10.95 at However, if I can get the attention of the Foundation’s Webmaster, the price of Micro-Nutrients will be going up on March 1. Sorry, but we have to, in order to cover our increased costs for almost everything.

That’s why I was so excited to see the HD and Lowes materials are still very affordable – at least in Alabama.

Jim Kennard