» Software for Vegetable Gardening – Comprehensive, Yet A Child Can Run It

Software for Vegetable Gardening – Comprehensive, Yet A Child Can Run It

Many of you own the Garden Master CD. It’s an excellent resource, and the Garden Designer software, created by Dr. Ron Guymon, is unique and better than anything else I’ve seen.

The short videos of Dr. Mittleider himself creating and working in the garden are valuable, and the lessons are well done.

The two books and 9 manuals are worth the price of the CD themselves, and that’s what I want to mention briefly today.

Sometimes folks are frustrated when trying to access the manuals for the first time, because 6 of the 9 are “locked” and require a password to open.

If you ever have this situation, here’s the very simple solution:

In the Training section under Garden Curriculum you have two choices, one of which is the Mittleider Manuals.

Click on the + sign at the left, and the 9 manual titles will be displayed.

Click on a manual, and if a small window saying Registration Bonus comes up, just click Close in the lower right corner.

Then click on View. On 6 of the 9 manuals you’ll get another screen asking for a password to unlock the manual.

Type master1, and then click on OK. You can then view the manual.

I believe you only have to do this once, and all manuals will thereafter be available to you when you use the Garden Master CD on that computer.

When you use the GM CD on another computer you’ll have to repeat the simple process.

PLEASE don’t anyone kill the messenger! This was the “brain child” (or brain-freeze) of Dr. Ron Guymon, the creator of the Garden Designer portion of the CD. He felt it was important to encourage registering the CD’s with his company, and we acquiesced to his desire.

The Garden Master has sold nationally in Wal-Mart stores, without the books and manuals, for almost $15, so I trust those who have the Mittleider Pro version feel good about the value they receive from this collaberative effort between the Foundation and Dr. Guymon.

I recommend anyone interested in vegetable gardening, especially if you don’t have a lot of successful experience, to consider adding the Garden Master CD to your library.

And if you have someone in the family who’s young and computer literate (who isn’t nowadays?!) they will be able to use it immediately if they’re able to read!