» Teachers Interested in Gardening to Receive Free Gardening Book

Teachers Interested in Gardening to Receive Free Gardening Book

The Food for Everyone Foundation hereby announces our intention to donate a digital copy of the world-renowned Dr. Jacob R. Mittleider’s classic “Six Steps to Successful Gardening” book for qualifying teachers to use in their classrooms.

And the only qualification required is for the teacher to be teaching, or have real intentions to teach anything about vegetable gardening, and be willing to try these methods, which have been so successful they produce “a great garden in any soil, in almost any climate.”

The foundation and Dr. Mittleider have been teaching sustainable high yield vegetable gardening to families around the world for over 37 years.

As part of our goals we are determined to get this valuable information into the hands of teachers everywhere. We are starting with the Six Steps book because it describes and illustrates the basics of our gardening method so well even children can have great success. One success story illustrating how simple and USEFUL the book is follows:

The 6 Steps to Successful Gardening book has been used virtually by itself to teach more than 10,000 illiterate African villagers to become self-sustaining by successfully growing their own gardens. And this was done by one couple – an American Dentist and his devoted wife, who went to Zimbabwe and adjoining countries doing humanitarian work.

Dr. Howard Morgan didn’t even know that much about gardening himself before going over there, but that one little book was all they needed to teach and help 10,000 people, in 84 community gardens, in four countries to feed themselves!

Kudos to the intrepid Morgans!!

The foundation’s secondary goal is to discover and work with those teachers who would consider participating in a new foundation program. We are looking for teachers who are willing to learn these materials, create a garden, and profile their classes’ gardens on a website.

For those teachers, the foundation will donate the following digital gardening books for the teachers’ use:

* Six Steps to Successful Gardening
* Mittleider Gardening Course
* Gardening By the Foot
* Lets Grow Tomatoes
* Mittleider Gardening Manuals (9)
* Grow-Bed Gardening

These materials are so GOOD we are able to promise every gardener ‘a great garden in any soil, in almost any climate’, and typically those following the true principles and procedures taught will increase their garden yields by a factor of 5 to 10 times!
Specific information on the books can be found here on the website in the Store section.

The easiest way to develop a first year quick-start teaching plan and garden is to follow the Six Steps book page by page.

All interested teachers are encouraged to consider the Six Steps book as not only a great teaching tool for their students but also as a “thank you” for doing one of the most difficult jobs in life, that of helping to inform, and thus form the minds of children.

Interested teachers should respond to Steve Mistretta, V.P. of Development at