» Teachers Virtual Gardening Training Program

Teachers Virtual Gardening Training Program

The Food for Everyone Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of a unique Teachers’ Virtual Gardening Training Program, that promises to empower teachers with real gardening skills, along with teaching and demonstration materials, like nothing has ever done before.

The foundation’s generosity in giving almost $300 worth of unique gardening materials to qualifying teachers is simply fulfilling the foundation’s mission of “teaching the world to grow food one family at a time,” and I am excited at the program’s potential for helping young people get back to the basics of growing their own food.

We are looking for teachers who teach or want to teach gardening, and who would like to display and promote their class’s vegetable gardens on a website. This could be especially beneficial if the school supports the class and garden.

The foundation is prepared to donate the following digital books and training videos, created by world-renowned Dr. Jacob R. Mittleider, for qualifying teachers’ use:
* Six Steps to Successful Gardening
* Mittleider Gardening Course
* Gardening By the Foot
* Lets Grow Tomatoes
* Mittleider Gardening Manuals (9)
* Grow-Bed Gardening
* Soil-Bed Gardening Basics (23 videos), or
* Grow-Box Gardening Basics (21 videos)

These vegetable gardening books and videos are so GOOD the foundation is able to promise people a great garden in any soil, in almost any climate, and we further promise that those following the true principles and procedures taught in this material will typically increase their garden yields by a factor of 5 to 10 times! Specific information on each book is found at

Only the Six Steps to Successful Gardening book is needed to jump-start the gardening season right away. The easiest way to develop a first year quick-start teaching plan is to follow the Six Steps book page by page.

The Mittleider Gardening Course is designed for the student who wants more in-depth information, or if the class needs or wants to grow in containers. The combination of the two, along with the other digital training material, provides for teaching students from Elementary through College levels.

As the class starts and prospers from their gardens they are requested to document their progress and success on their own website. The foundation will also give some direction and assistance in setting up a website to those who request it.

Agriculture-based and other teachers interested in teaching vegetable gardening using the foundation’s methods are encouraged to send an email to and put “Teachers’ Virtual Gardening Training Program” in the subject line.