» Jim Kennard Interview for Aaron’s Garden Website

Jim Kennard Interview for Aaron’s Garden Website

Interview with Jim Kennard from the Food For Everyone Foundation who follows Dr. Jacob R. Mettleider’s Methods for productive gardening.

1. When and why was the Food For Everyone foundation started?

The Foundation was first conceived in the early 90’s when I spent time in Russia with Dr. Jacob Mittleider, where it is the most popular and productive method of gardening in the entire country, so far as we can determine. I really began to realize the tremendous scope of his work and the great good it was doing wherever people were lucky enough to learn it. In 1998 Dr. Mittleider charged me with the responsibility of carrying on and hopefully expanding the reach of his work, and I incorporated the Foundation that same year.

2. How long have you been using the Mittleider Method?

I was introduced to the Mittleider Method in 1976, when he moved from Loma Linda, California to Salt Lake City, Utah. Fortunately for me, the Mittleiders lived only 1 1/2 miles from us, and we were able to visit them, see their garden, and ask questions. I was sold in the first year when my garden was many times better than it had ever been before. Not long after that my youngest daughter, at age 8, ran the whole garden for the summer, and I knew anyone could have a great garden just by following the simple recipe.

3. What are the advantages to the Mittleider method versus traditional gardening?

The Mittleider Method provides a recipe for success in gardening in any soil and in almost any climate. It takes less space than traditional gardening, uses less water, requires less work for the results obtained, is beautiful to look at, out-produces other methods many times over, and the vegetables are healthier, more uniform, and grow faster.

4. Does FFEO offer their teaching to corporations or small groups? If so how do they contact you? Any other information?

The Foundation conducts gardening seminars for groups of all sizes.

Formal training is done by special arrangement, and is an intensive learning experience including 2+ hours in the classroom and 4-5 hours in the garden each day for 2 1/2-3 months.

The Foundation website lists levels of training that are available, and more information can be obtained by contacting the Foundation at or calling 801-583-4449 after July 15, 2006.

5. How to you fund FFEO?

There are no salaried staff in the Foundation. The Foundation’s basic operational costs are mostly covered by the sale of Dr. Mittleider’s gardening books and CD’s, along with the Mittleider Magic fertilizers.

Funding for humanitarian training projects is by public donations of interested individuals, corporations, other foundations, and governments.

6. How does a person donate to the foundation?

Donations, which are used entirely for the benefit of others, with none spent for salaries or wages of Foundation staff, are gratefully accepted. All donations are tax deductible, as the Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charitable organization. Donations can be made bu credit card online, or by calling 888-548-4449, or by mailing checks to the Food For Everyone Foundation, 848 Woodruff Way, Salt Lake City, Utah 84108.

7. Are their any plans to start an affiliate program for your products?

Yes, Mr. Steve Mistretta is working on an excellent affiliate program, and he will explain it here.

8. Are you considering offering your products to consumers via the large stores such as Wal-mart?

The Garden Master CD has been sold in many markets nationally in Wal-Mart stores, and as the market for the other Foundation products justifies it we will work on making them available as widely as possible.

9. What mission are you currently on?

We are currently conducting a teaching/training and demonstration project of the world renowned Mittleider Method in Armenia. The training center is near Gyumri, the country’s second largest city, and in addition to the training we are traveling to other regions of the country to assist approximately 200 families in several villages to learn and apply these highly productive family gardening principles and procedures.

10. How can the general public help ffeo?

We encourage all people who have space for a garden to learn these methods and grow at least some of their own food. Those who do will be the envy of their neighbors, and will soon have opportunities to help their neighbors improve their own gardens. We also welcome assistance and encouragement by donations to the Foundation’s programs.

11. What is your greatest challenge in running ffeo?

The greatest challenge is to reach the “critical mass” of people using and promoting the methods, which will then enable us to do much more good among the families of the world.

12. How can a person learn more about the Mittleider method?

We recommend everyone visit the website at, where we have prepared a wealth of free practical gardening material, including the Mittleider Basic Gardening Course, a large database of answers to questions in the FAQ section, and an important free chapter from every one of Dr. Mittleider’s books in the Store section.

13. Anyone in particular you would like to give a “shout out” to for their help?

Every person and organization who is interested in helping people help themselves, especially in improving their health and becoming self-sufficient in sustainable food production, should consider using these proven methods, and in promoting training in their use by others.

14. How has press coverage been so far? What can the public do to help?

Media coverage can be improved. Our message is a positive one, with only stories of success, and of happier and healthier families, so most media time is focused on the opposite type of events. People who learn what we can accomplish can help by telling media sources about us, and requesting coverage. We will provide press releases on request.

15. Is there anything you would like to say to our readers?

Getting closer to nature by gardening has many benefits. And using the Mittleider Method is the best way in the world to receive the maximum benefits, including enjoyment, success and better health.