» Update on Armenia Training Project

Update on Armenia Training Project

We have received reports from Tamara Karapetyan, her husband, and her brother Rafik, who are running the Getk, Armenia greenhouse and garden this year.

After helping them get things started in April and May, we returned home to fulfill other responsibilities, and these wonderful people are carrying on by themselves.

The greenhouse – with a second layer of plastic and an interior greenhouse – was able to stay warm, even on the coldest nights.

This enabled them to grow a full greenhouse of healthy seedlings many weeks before any of the nearby villagers had theirs growing.

Our Getk managers had NO gardening experience before last year, but this year they are experts, with the entire village begging them for transplants, and asking for help with their gardens.

People even come from the city of Gyumri to view the Project garden and greenhouse. And even more impressive – police officers come and ask for help and transplants. Most people in Armenia fear and distrust the police, and officers usually make friends with NO-ONE, preferring to write tickets and take bribes.

Pictures will be posted to the Photos section of the MittleiderMethodGardening group on