» When should I plant?

When should I plant?

Q. When is a good time to plant a vegetable garden in Utah?

A. No matter where you live you need to time your planting according to two things:

1. You need to learn the Average Last Frost Date (ALFD) in the Spring for your growing area, and
2. You need to determine the frost tolerance (hardiness) of the plants you’re thinking of growing.

You then plant according to the following schedule (there’s an excellent schedule of vegetables with this and much more information all done for you at the FREE gardening group – in the Files section):

Hardy plants – – – – – – 3-4 weeks before the ALFD
Semi-hardy plants – – – 2 weeks + or – before the ALFD
Frost sensitive plants – On the ALFD
Frost intolerant plants -2 weeks AFTER the ALFD