» What Varieties will Grow In My Climate?

What Varieties will Grow In My Climate?

Q. What seeds should we buy, that will grow and produce well in our unique climate situation?

A. Our experience has been that all seeds that are sold in your area grow well there. Also, we’ve found that unless a variety has a longer growing season – such as sweet potatoes that require 140 days, or something like that – most everything you will buy from the seed catalogs do well there also. Just don’t expect tropical plants to do well in temperate zones.

As for heirloom seeds, we do not worry about them. Instead, we buy the best things we can, which are usually hybrids, and we then buy a #10 can of heirloom vegetable seeds and store them in a cool dry place.

This way, if we are ever not able to buy the great hybrids, we will have good heirloom seeds to fall back on. And in the meantime, we have not had to suffer with the inferior taste or production quality of most heirlooms – and we don’t have to leave plants in the garden long after maturity trying to obtain viable seeds, and thereby attract diseases and bugs.

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