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Using Grow-Lights

Q. I read that if you leave your light source only about 6 or 7 inches above your plants it will help defeat them getting leggy, is this right? The problem is that I feel the plant light I have over them right now may be too strong and that I might burn them, so should I get a less bright bulb?

A. Unless the light bulb feels warm to your hand from 3-4″ away, you have no danger of burning the plants. You should have 2 – 4-foot 40-watt fluorescent tubes – one warm white and the other cool white. Place them within 1-2″ of the plants. They can’t get too much light, and those 40-watt tubes won’t burn them. 6″ is definitely too far away, and the plants WiLL stretch.

Remember to give your plants full light as soon as you first see any sprouts showing above the soil surface. Any delay at all, and the plants will develop long, skinny, weak stems as they search for that all-important light.

Feeding is also essential as soon as the plants are up. Use the “Constant Feed” solution of 1 ounce (two tablespoons) of Mittleider Magic Weekly Feed mix thoroughly mixed with 3 gallons of water. Water with this solution every time you water, which should be every day at least.