Protect Melons & Squash from Ground-Rot, Bugs & Disease

To keep melons – and squash – from spoiling because of bugs, critters, and ground moisture, I suggest the following:

The very best thing to do to keep melons and squash from being ruined on the bottom is to KEEP THE GROUND DRY, and move & turn the fruit occasionally.

Putting hay or straw beneath the fruit helps to keep it off the ground, and usually reduces the moisture reaching the fruit, but offers a dark and damp hiding place for bugs, especially if there is any moisture present in the soil surface.

The first and best line of defense is a CLEAN, DRY garden.

If your garden receives rain too often to keep the aisles dry I recommend you create a small re-usable wire mesh stand to keep the fruit off the ground. Does anyone have any experience – or is anyone creative enough to do it and show the rest of us how? Please respond!

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