» Printing the Garden Plan – Screen Image

Printing the Garden Plan – Screen Image

Q. How can I print the Garden Plan Detail the way it shows on the screen in Step 6 of the Garden Master? When I try and print, it does it in a different format, using several pages, and it isn’t nearly as easy to work with.

A. In Step 6, after you have filled up your garden using the Place Plants window, open the Expand View button in the lower-left of the window. With all your planting information in the spread-sheet format on the screen, instead of using the Print button, do the following: Press the Alt and Print Screen keys simultaneously (this captures the screen image). Next open your Word Processing program (Word, etc.). Left-click on Edit, then Paste. The material will be available to print. To make the document larger, place the cursor in the corners and drag. The process will have to be done twice, in order to capture the entire spread-sheet of information, since the right four columns of information do not show in the initial screen-dump.