Planting Peach Trees From Pits – Possible & Productive?

Q. Can a pit of a peach be successfully planted into a pot and grow into a tree, or should I just order a peach tree from a nursery?

A. Producing a peach tree from a pit planted in a pot is plenty possible (Pretty imPressive huh?). However, there are reasons you may not want to take the time and effort to do so.

Most peaches we buy and eat today are from hybrid plants. This means that the tree you get from a planted seed will not produce the same fruit that you had the pleasure of eating, but will be different, and very likely inferior. A hybrid tree is grown by grafting a branch from the mother tree onto rootstock from another variety. Therefore, unless you are sure the peach is an heirloom (not hybrid), or you are willing to have something much different than the peach you ate, you should not bother to plant your peach pit.

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