» How do I pollinate my vegetable plants?

How do I pollinate my vegetable plants?

Q. How do I pollinate my vegetable plants?

A. You almost never have to worry about pollinating vegetable plants, because nature has provided ways in which it happens without our human intervention. Some folks think they need to help tomatoes to pollinate, but that isn’t the case. They are self-pollinating. You can actually sometimes assist some of the squashes, like zucchini, to pollinate. Take a male flower that is completely open (that’s the one without a fruit growing on it), remove the petal, then touch the male Anther to the Stigma of the female flower. That’s it! Sometimes, however, it’s wise to take part of the petal from the female flower, so that it can’t close up and become a hospitable place for fungus to grow. If you think you are having problems getting fruit on other specific vegetables, tell me which ones, and I will instruct you further.