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Growing Carrots


Have you ever grown carrots with mittleider?
If so, do you have any tips/tricks or pitfalls to watch out for?

A.  All the time.  
Count the seeds (1 oz = 19,000 seeds – 660/gram)  Figure 1 plant per inch max (30’bed, 2 rows = 720 seeds – 1.1 grams).   Mix thoroughly 1 part seeds with 100 parts sand – 4.5 oz sand – .  Make very shallow furrow, and sprinkle seed/sand mix evenly along the length of the beds.  Cover with 1/8″ of sand.  Cover with burlap or perforated plastic shelf liner to prevent moving germinating seeds. Water to maintain moist soil.Check daily for emerging seedlings.  Immediately water then remove burlap/shelf liner.  Apply Weekly Feed 4″ from plant stems and water into the soil.