» Growing and Feeding Field Crops

Growing and Feeding Field Crops

Following are some ideas on how to feed field crops with the Mittleider natural mineral nutrients:
Place an application of both Weekly Feed and Pre-Plant Mixes in the root zone of the plants before or at planting time.
The application of Pre-Plant should be 500# per acre, and this is done one time only for each crop.
The weekly Feed is applied so as to give the crop 110# of nitrogen, 60# of phosphate, and 110# of potash, along with magnesium and the micro-nutrients.  I’ll give you an example of how this is done;
NPK Source          To Buy/Acre        Result – Nitrogen     Phosphate     Potash
46-0-0                            189#                              87                       0               0 
18-46-0                          130#                              23                      60              0
0-0-50                            220#                                 0                        0            110
Mg (35%)                        45#
Zn                                     6#
Bo                                     5#
Mn                                    3#
Fe                                      1#
Cu                                      1#
Moly                                 .5#
The 600.5# of Weekly Feed per acre is to be applied in 3 applications as follows:
The first application is to be banded near the root zone before planting, the second application is on the soil surface after seedling emergence and watered in, and the third application is on the soil surface and watered in, in 2-3 weeks while still able to get into the field.
For alfalfa an additional feeding is applied after harvesting each crop, and immediately watered in.
Jim Kennard