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Fertilizer Questions & Answers

Reading back messages you said there might be a close product called ProPax 14-7-14 with Iron from Martin Resources. this was in ’03 and I’m wondering if it’s in NV now. Anyway, this is a close one right and then you add Triple 16, right????

(I can’t answer as to whether or not it’s available in a particular location, but Fall is the time of year that I have personally seen it. Yes, this is a fairly close match to the 13-8-13 ratio we use in the pre-packaged fertilizers and NO you don’t add triple 16 to it. It’s either/or, and you mix it with magnesium and the Micro-Mix – JK)

How do you apply the weekly feedings? We have a drip irrigation. My husband drilled holes every foot. Do I put it where the water hits??

Sounds like a lot of work to put on each plant. I hope I’m seeing the picture. You don’t want to get this on the leaves right??

(Three #57 holes should be drilled every 4”, at 45-degree angles, so that 3 holes make 90 degrees in the circumference of the pipe. – JK)

I ordered the manuals and pretty much know all that, but wanted to find out the fertilizer and how you do the T-Frames.

(Look in Chapter 15 of the Mittleider Gardening Course book for building T-Frames. And Chapter 16 is automating your watering – JK)

Our tomatoes always get so unruly.

(You really need to begin removing sucker stems by the time your plants are 12” tall, and not stop until the end of the harvest – JK)

Do you do the weekly feed just for 2 or 3 weeks?

(Weekly Feed is applied weekly. For single-crop plants you apply it until 3 weeks before harvest. For some plants you can tell when this is by the following: Corn, when the silk appears, potatoes and bush beans, when blossoms are on. For ever-bearing plants you apply it until 8 weeks before the END of harvest. If you expect frost on October 10 you don’t need to feed beyond about the 15th of August – JK)

I ordered the starter from the site, but wondering how you put it out there.

(Don’t use the micro-nutrients by themselves. Mix them with NPK and magnesium per the instructions. Then apply weekly at the rate of ½ ounce per foot or 50 grams per meter – JK)