Can you help automate the gardening process?

Q. Can you help automate the gardening process?

A. If you would like to create or expand your garden and need help with decisions and automating the planning process, the Garden Wizard, available at on the Software page, is a great tool! Dr. Ron Guymon has devoted thousands of man-hours over two and one-half years to producing this multi-faceted tool for those who want help determining what, when, where, and how to plant, water, feed, etc. It includes growing season helps for over 3,000 locations in the USA, as well as planting and feeding requirements for all common vegetable crops.

Another way to automate your gardening is to build a simple and effective watering system that will allow you to water quickly and efficiently while saving water. The plans for this system are in Chapter 15 of the Mittleider Gardening Course – available at on the Books page. They can be seen free in the Store section as well.

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