» Accessing The Different Parts of The Garden Master CD

Accessing The Different Parts of The Garden Master CD

Q. My version says Mittleider Pro, and has the 9 manuals, but I haven’t found the 2 books or videos. Do I have a WalMart version? Are there older versions of the CD that don’t have what the new one does? The books are definitely a valuable addition!
A. Unlike the version sold nationally in WalMart stores, the Mittleider Pro version of the Garden Master CD does, indeed, have two Mittleider vegetable gardening books, as well as 9 of his manuals.

Here’s how to access them: As you open the program you have choices. On the first screen you Launch the Garden master.

On the second screen you have 4 choices – Designer, Training, Store, and Help.

Choose Training, which opens up a new screen with User manual, Garden Curriculum, Mittleider Books, Garden Aids, and Graph Paper.

Choose Garden Curriculum – click on the + – and see Intro to Grow-Beds and Boxes. This includes the Garden master lessons and the Overview Video. This also includes the 9 Mittleider Gardening Manuals.

Clicking on the + to the left of Mittleider Books will open two more lines, including 6 Steps to Successful Gardening and The Mittleider Gardening Course.