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Transplanting and caring for trees

Q. How do I care for trees? I need to transplant some small bare-root ones, and I want to properly feed the other trees in my yard. A. If you are transplanting small trees, you need to do the following: Dig a hole 12″-15″ (30-37.5 cm) wide and deep. Make a Pre-Plant mix with 5# […]

Orchard Care

Q. Do you have information about orchard care? I think we do pretty well with the pruning (read lots of books) but is there a best way to fertilize the trees? I’d like to let the grass grow under the trees and just keep it mowed to keep the weeds down unless that’s a bad […]

Planting Peach Trees From Pits – Possible & Productive?

Q. Can a pit of a peach be successfully planted into a pot and grow into a tree, or should I just order a peach tree from a nursery? A. Producing a peach tree from a pit planted in a pot is plenty possible (Pretty imPressive huh?). However, there are reasons you may not want […]

Planting Walnut Trees From Seed

Walnut seeds won’t germinate immediately when planted because they are in a dormant state, and you must break their dormancy before the seed can germinate. Both scarification and stratification are required to break a walnut seed’s dormant state, for germination to occur. The black walnut’s dormancy is caused by the thick, hard seed coat. Breaking […]

Winter Tree Pruning Tips – by Mike McGroarty

Now is the time to prune many of the trees in your yard. They are dormant now and don’t mind being pruned at all. 1. Start on the inside of the tree. Remove any dead wood or any branches that are growing toward the center of the tree. 2. Remove any branches that are crossing […]