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How do I pollinate my vegetable plants?

Q. How do I pollinate my vegetable plants? A. You almost never have to worry about pollinating vegetable plants, because nature has provided ways in which it happens without our human intervention. Some folks think they need to help tomatoes to pollinate, but that isn’t the case. They are self-pollinating. You can actually sometimes assist […]

Tomatoes – need a pollinator? What about cross-breeding?

Q. I like 4 different tomato plants. Can you grow a single plant and get fruit or do you need to have 2 or 3 of each to get a good crop? A. Tomatoes do not need a pollinator plant – they are self-fertile, meaning the flower has both male and female parts, so they […]

Planting Sweet and Hot Peppers close – Affect the Fruit?

Q. If you plant sweet peppers next to hot peppers will you have sweet hot peppers? A. Plants are cross-pollinated by bees and other insects, and the thing that is affected is the seed, which produces the next generation of plants. If you were to eat the seeds that had been cross-pollinated you may notice […]

Lots of Blossoms But Little Fruit – What To Do

Q. I have hundreds of blossoms on my tomato, squash and etc. plants yet very little fruit. I have observed that there are no bees (I have only seen 3 at any one time) around. Is this normal? What can I do to correct this situation? A. The lack of pollinators is rarely a problem […]