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Neem Oil as Pesticide/Fungicide

High Humidity causes growth of Fungi,Virus and bacterial diseases. I know that vertical growing (using T- Frames) will help as the produce will not come in contact with the soil. Q. What is the best cultural method to use and possibly the best chemicals to use, in order to contain the fungal, Viral and bacterial […]

Pesticide Levels in Our Food Supply – Are We In Danger?

Q. Much is said lately about the dangers we face from pesticides in our foods. And “organically grown” foods grown (hopefully) without any use of pesticides are sold for 2 and 3 times the normal price, in order to save us from this great danger. Is the danger to our health from pesticides used on […]

Organic Controls for Downy Mildew

A. You can use non-fat (skim) milk for your mildew. Spray it on in the cool of the day when your leaves have cooled down from the day’s sunshine. I just buy a half-gallon of it when I need it. If you plan to use the dry non-fat milk, the formula for that is one […]