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Danger to Soil Organisms from Using Commercial Fertilizer

Q. Jim, I listened to your discussion on YouTube w/ LDS Prepper on the 5-6 reasons that some other “organic” grower wouldn’t use the Mittleider method, along with several others.  I have one important question on the Mittleider system that I haven’t found an answer to yet – wondering if you could just answer it […]

Organic Fertilizing and Nitrogen Deficiency

Q. Sometimes I have seen gardens with compost and manure as the fertilizer of choice become very yellow. What causes this, and how do I avoid that happening to my garden? A. What you have seen is “Induced Nitrogen Deficiency.” Soil amendments, including straw, tree bark, shavings or sawdust, peat moss, and manure (almost always […]

Do Commercial Fertilizers Harm Soil Microbes or Make Nutrients Unavailable to Plants?

Q. It is my understanding the microbes found in organic compost materials is what packages the nutrients for the plants. Sort of like the good bacteria that your body needs to maintian the right balance in the blood stream. I also understand that synthetically produced fertilizers will kill these microbes. This is the difference between […]

Are Chemical Fertilizers Threatening Our Reproductive Capacity?

Q. I’ve heard that chemicals may cause low sperm counts in men, and that people who eat organically produced produce are healthier. Is it true? A. It has been reported for some time that male sperm counts in America and Western Europe are declining and that in many cases we are threatened with infertility. Some […]

Can a Mittleider Garden Be Organic?

Q. Can a Mittleider Garden Be Organic? A. In response to a woman who is growing a 1-acre organic garden in California, I wrote the following. I’ve enumerated a few of the principles and procedures which make the Mittleider Method unique – and better than most others. Many have referred to the Mittleider Method as […]

Natural Fertilizers Preferred

Q. I am curious if there are any Mittleider Method materials that have been adapted for organic vegetable production. I have grown vegetables for many years and prefer avoiding soluble commercial fertilizers. A. We do not use soluble fertilizers, such as Miracle-Gro, but prefer to use the simpler, more natural compounds. All of the materials […]

Organic or Chemical – Or Both? – What Kind of Garden Should You Grow?

Today we will discuss a fundamental question in gardening. Previously I was posed this question: “I hear that chemicals are poisoning our waterways, and that organic growing is much healthier than using chemicals. What’s the truth, and how do I grow a healthy, productive, and sustainable garden without hurting the environment?” This important question deserves […]

Do Your Fertilizers Pollute the Ground Water?

Q. I have one concern about the Mittleider Method. Since you use mineral nutrients from commercial sources, do those – or could they – cause a toxic build-up in the soil, and might they leach into the groundwater, eventually adding to the problems we have in our streams, rivers, and oceans? Hopefully, you have a […]

WARNING! Antibiotics Fed to Animals Are Absorbed by Plants Fed With Manure!

The following just came to my attention, and makes me glad we don’t promote the use of animal manure to feed our healthy vegetables! 12 July 2007 Antibiotics Absorbed By Vegetables Evaluating the impact of livestock antibiotics on the environment, University of Minnesota researchers have found that many vegetables uptake the antibiotics. The study, in […]

Small-Plot Intensive gardening – First Look

Q. I am looking at several options in gardening and hope you can clarify something – I am mainly looking at the Mittleider and the SPIN Farming processes. The two do not appear to be exclusive of each other but I know no nothing of ether program (material ordered) so I am hoping you […]

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