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Taking the Knowledge of Family-Based Food Production to the Families of the World

Dear Reader: My whole desire in running the Foundation is to teach families around the world to grow their own healthy food. This mission consumes all of my days, and most of my retirement money already – which I don’t mind! I chose it, and I love it. However, the only way we will be […]

“Pay It Forward” – You Can Too!

Q. I am a Mother of 5 children. I don’t have a lot of knowledge about gardening and would like to learn more. I don’t have a lot of time to spend gardening and need to find the best way. A. I’m sharing my response to with you only to show how each of us […]

Free Gardening Seminars – Tips & techniques for turning a weed patch into the Garden of Eatin

I am delighted for the opportunity of presenting free ½-day vegetable gardening seminars again this winter and spring to a limited number of groups who request them. My availability is necessarily limited, and timing is critical, so get your church, community, or gardening club involved now! Seminars include 2 ½ hours of fast-paced pictorial instruction […]