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Sources of Nitrogen – and of Potassium – -What’s Best

Q. I understand that urea is not Ammonium nitrate as required in the pre-plant fertilizer and the weekly feed. I would like to know what is Ammonium Nitrate? Can you tell by the formulation? Here in Trinidad, West Indies an agronomist at an agricultural supplies store has been selling me urea for Ammonium Nitrate. Well […]

Fertilizer Questions & Answers

Reading back messages you said there might be a close product called ProPax 14-7-14 with Iron from Martin Resources. this was in ’03 and I’m wondering if it’s in NV now. Anyway, this is a close one right and then you add Triple 16, right???? (I can’t answer as to whether or not it’s available […]

Simple Answers to Complicated Fertilizer Questions

Q. Several years ago I was able to buy fertilizer components from an agricultural fertilizer plant. The man who ran the plant was very knowledgable and understood what I was trying to achieve with the Mittleider Grow Boxes. He sold me all the components and I still have some of them. One of the things […]

How Do I Find and Mix Fertilizers to Get The Mittleider Mix?

Hi, I’m not finding the nutrients we need as easily as I’d hoped. Does Mittleider sell these or can someone suggest the best way for me to find the components. The Boron (Borax) and Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salts) were easy, but not the others. Home Depot is trying to help us, but say that they […]

Fertilizers Getting Wet & Sticky – What To Do?

Q. We have 3 Grow-Boxes that are 18″ x 30′ and 3 boxes 4′ x 30′. A local company mixed the fertilizer to 16-16-16 and we used this to make up the Weekly Feed, using that and Mittleider Magic Micro Mix we ordered from your website. We used this, plus the Pre-Plant formula for the […]

Fertilizers to Use – Suggested Formula

Q. We are planning our fertilizer needs for next year. The cost of fertilizer has gone up over 60% this last year and they are telling me that it will go up another 50% by the spring so we are trying to get a head start on our garden. I need to know what the […]

Making My Own Weekly Feed Mix Using Micro-Nutrients Purchased from the Foundation Website

Q. I need some help on NPK ratios used with the Micro Mix. The Micro Mix sheet suggested using a 16-16-16 ratio (I can get 17-17-17, will it work?), but the “how to mix your own fertilizer” file and spreadsheet talks about a target 110-60-110 ratio. Which one is best? What is the necessary degree […]

Finding the Mittleider Magic Ingredients? We’ve Made It Easy!

Q. Does anyone else have a hard time finding the ingredients in the M method? A. We struggled with this issue for many years until Dr. M and I: (1) simplified the Pre-Plant formula and (2) decided to buy, mix, package, and sell the Micro-Nutrients ourselves on the Foundation website. Now for the Weekly Feed […]

Make Your Own Weekly Feed

Would you like to remove the guesswork from growing healthy plants, and know you’re feeding them just what they need? The Mittleider Magic fertilizer formulas provide all 13 natural mineral nutrients that vegetable plants need, and if you can’t find them pre-mixed locally, you can mix them yourself. The Food For Everyone Foundation website Learn […]

Fertilizing Small Containers – 5 gallons as Starting Point

Q. How much Pre-Plant and how much Weekly Feed should I add to each 5-gallon pail of custom soil? We have various sizes containers (all over 8 inches deep) so I figure I can just fill the containers one at a time with the 5-gallon pails’ mixture. A. We apply 2# of Pre-Plant to a […]