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Invite Spring Early – Grow in Your Basement

Winter’s the time to get ready to grow your own seedlings! It’s not really difficult, and can extend your growing season by many weeks. For example, by planting brassica’s (cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower) in February in your basement under grow-lights, you can put large, sturdy transplants into your garden by the end of March or […]

Extend Growing Season 6 weeks both Spring and Fall

All who are interested in extending your growing season – particularly with vertical plants – may want to save the following description of covered T-Frames. You can plant 4-6 weeks earlier in the Spring, and harvest 4-6 weeks later in the fall if you do it properly. For pictures, visit the Photos page on the […]

Start Earlier in the Spring – Grow Later in the Fall

Today I want to assist many of you who are wondering how to extend your growing season for a few more weeks. For some it may be too late, as in Eagle Mountain, where it was 27 degrees one night this month, but most of the lower elevations are still frost-free as I’m writing this […]

How To Save Crops From Freezing In Your Garden

Q. I have a farm in Afghanistan, which is about 30,000 square metres, in which mainly grapes are grown. In the cold winter the grape vines are buried under the ground because of the very cold weather and then in the spring the vines are exposed to air and light, then the vines become green. […]

Heat Source(s) for Mini-Greenhouses

Q. In your answer on ‘extending your growing season’ you mention using a small heat source for the ‘mini greenhouses’. What heat source would you recommend and how is the best way to use it? A. Depending on the size of your Mini-Greenhouse and the severity of your frosts, you may be able to keep […]

Growing Tomatoes, etc. in Early Spring – “Poor Man’s Hydroponics”

Q. I’ve heard about so many ways to grow tomato and other tender plants early – from using Wall-O-Water’s to taking the bottom out of wastebaskets, and they all seem to be a lot of work, with no guarantee of success. What do you suggest for someone who’s serious about growing the high-value crops like […]

Building Mini-Greenhouses from PVC Pipe

I will give instructions for building a jig and then making PVC arches for 18″-wide boxes or beds. Materials needed: 11 – 5′ lengths of 1/2″ Schedule 40 PVC pipe – to place arches 3′ apart – for each bed or box you are wanting to cover. 6-mil greenhouse plastic – 5′ wide and 33′ […]

Extending Your Growing Season – Both Spring & Fall

Today I want to assist many of you who are wondering how to extend your growing season for a few more weeks. For some it may be too late, as in high elevations like Randolph, Utah, where it was below freezing more than one night in August, but most of the lower elevations in Utah […]

Winterizing a Garden in February?

Q. We just moved into this house in late December. The previous owner has a vegtable garden full of tomatoes, cucumber, cabbage, potatoes, pumpkin, red and green peppers, jalepenos, and I think grapes. Unfortunately, the garden has not been tended to in months and I have no idea what I am doing, but i would […]

Winter Growing of Vegetables in Cold Climates – Practical or Necessary?

The following exchange regarding growing during the winter vs extending your growing season with the Mittleider Method and storing your bounty for use during the winter is instructive. A gentleman wrote: “we need year round food growing in northern Utah and southern Idaho, not to mention northern Nevada. Who do I contact to get involved […]