» “Out of Small Things Proceedeth That Which is Great”

“Out of Small Things Proceedeth That Which is Great”

We are excited at the prospects for our Mittleider gardening training success in Armenia, because we are surely starting small!

It is so sad that some of those who promised to come don’t even have the $4 per week for transportation to the training site! And attending deprives them of the dollar or two they might otherwise earn during those 4 days as well. Never was it more true that it takes money to make money.

The two women from the refugee village named Moosh2 are among that number, and we were SO SAD to have them not show up! How many of us in America and other developed countries WASTE $4 in a week, or even in a DAY!! We’ll try to assist them to come.  Anyone else out there care?

Those who attended are excited and committed to learning all they can.