2017 Free Gardening Seminars

Grow 5-10x More Food from Your
Garden with Less Space, Less Work,
Less Cost, Less Water & No Weeds!

 Free Vegetable Gardening Seminar

Learn a Better, Simpler, Money Saving Way to Garden.

  • Grow Enough Food to Feed a Family of 4 on 1/20th of an Acre.
  • Increase Yields From 5-10 Times and Get Higher Nutrition.
  • Save Water. Water for Only 30-60 Seconds a Day.
  • Garden in Any Soil Without Manure, Compost or Mulch.
  • “Best of Organic” Method using Natural Mineral Fertilizer.
  • Grow Healthier, Pest Resistant Plants 365 Days a Year.

5 hours of unique training to give you a great garden in any soil.

2 ½ hours in the classroom & 2 ½ hours in the garden.

2015 Seminar Bonus:

Learn How To Grow Food, Year Round, in Any Climate, Using
the Science of Geo-Air.

2017 Seminar Schedule

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Invite Your Friends, Neighbors and Family

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