» T-Frames – Placement in 4′-Wide Boxes

T-Frames – Placement in 4′-Wide Boxes

Q. Where do I place my T-Frames in my containers that are 4′ wide?

A. If putting T’s in a 4′-wide box you build your T’s with 6′-long tops.  Place them inside the end of the box and at the center. This gives a 1′ overhang on each side into the aisles, and with a 3 1/2′ aisle (which is the minimum you need in this case) you end up with 18″ between the T’s in the middle of the aisle. Always place 4 T-s in a 30′-long bed or box – 10′ apart.

If you build the PVC arches and cover with plastic to extend your season, the plastic doesn’t come straight down but would be angled back in toward the box at the bottom, so a person can walk down the aisles.