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Watering With Irrigation Water – Pressure or Flood

Q. “We water our gardens with irrigation water. How do we do the Mittleider method? I have pressurized irrigation, but the water comes from the river and clogs the pipes with mud, rocks, worms, and even fish! And my parents have flood irrigation – how do we do the beds to accommodate that”? A. With […]

Watering When It Rains

Q. 2. If you spread the Weekly Feed down the center of the bed and you’re quite certain that it’s going to rain shortly, is it OK to just leave it there for the rain to wash in? Or will it burn the plants somehow? We’ve been getting thunderstorms every night in a row, and […]

Are Heavy Rains a Problem for my Plants?

Q. I live in Southern Ontario, Canada. We at times get much rain and at times no rain for weeks. Will heavy rains do any damage to the growing of plants in the “Mittleider Method”? A. Heavy rains will not be a problem in the Mittleider Method. In fact, the Grow-Beds, or Soil-Beds, as well […]

Soaker Hoses for Watering – Good, Bad or ?

Q. “Regarding irrigation, I found a couple of black “soaker” hoses (the type that basically weep out water) and tried them in my grow boxes. They worked very well for me as an irrigation setup for my grow boxes. I did wonder if the black color of the hose could heat up during hot sunny […]

How Much to Water – Tradition says 1″ Per Week & Mittleider Says 1″ Per Day!

Q. “I came across a question and answer you gave previously (another article which states that 1″ of water in the beds is needed each time you water) and it confused me somewhat. I have a question about putting an inch of standing water on the beds every day. Conventual wisdom is an inch of […]

Watering with PVC Pipe – Will small #57-size holes get plugged up?

Q. “I am in the process of starting work on the irrigation part of my conversion to the MittleiderMethodGardening system. I would like to ask if the small #57 holes in the PVC pipes present any special trouble with stopping up”? A. A #57 hole in a Schedule 200 PVC pipe will not plug up […]

Watering – How Much is Too Much

Q.  “I have been watering every day and the ground is now GREEN. Am I doing too much watering? Also when trellising cucumbers or melons, should I cut all but one main stem? And I don’t seem to see how to trellis Zucchini or yellow squash.” A. Nothing’s wrong with having your ground green under […]

Watering during drought conditions

Q. Our BIG problem right now is drought. What is the most efficient way to water a garden in drought conditions? A. The Mittleider method of watering is great for saving and making the best use of available water. The narrow ridged beds keep all the water right at the root zone of your plants. […]

Automated Watering – PVC vs Soaker Tape

Q. I had a question regarding soaker tape. my garden is to big for me to try to water with a hose and sock ( 50 + soil beds 60 feet long). But the cost of running pvc and all the fittings and the 400 feet of main line would run me over 2000 dollars […]

Which is best – Sprinkling, Flooding, Drip/Soakers or Something Else?

Q. What is best, watering from above (sprinklers) or watering from below (flooding or soakers)? A. Sprinklers are the worst – for several reasons, including 1) the great waste of water from evaporation, 2) the waste of water and encouragement of weed growth by watering the aisles, 3) the increased risk of disease infection caused […]