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Curled Leaves and Dry Leaf Edges – Cause and Cure

Q. What is causing our tomatoes to have curled leaves? Could it be too much water? We are watering with two PVC lines per 10’x34″ vegetable box. Have been watering twice a day as the temperatures have been in the 90 degrees many weeks (live in southern California). We notice the water does come out […]

Jacob Mittleider’s Last Garden – Redlands, California 2005

Q. I saw a picture in the YahooGroups MittleiderMethodGardeningGroup Photo file named: Mitts Tomatoes 2005. Those were the most beautiful tomato plants I have ever seen. What I would like to know is, were they grown next to a fence and tied off to make them so tall and straight? I didn’t see any tomato […]

Tomatoes with cracks – Cause and Cure

Q. Almost all of my tomatoes have big cracks in them. What causes that and is there something I can do to prevent them? I’ve been following your gardening advice for two years now and am very pleased with the improved yields in my garden. Thanks. A. Cracking is caused by fluctuations in soil moisture, […]

Spacing, Pruning and the Building of T-Frames to Grow Tomatoes Vertically

Growing Tomatoes Vertically Using T-Frames Here’s how to grow tomatoes the way “the big boys” do it! Do it right and your yield will amaze you as well as your neighbors. Use one T-Frame every 10 feet maximum. Between the T-Frames use heavy-gauge wire, galvanized steel pipe (1/2″ is adequate) or even 2 X 4’s […]

Questions and Answers on How To Grow Tomatoes Using T-Frames

The comments and questions are from a new Mittleider gardener in the MittleiderMethodGardening group in, and my responses are in parentheses. It is instructive, and shows someone is really paying attention! Over the past couple of weeks, I have signed on to this group and obtained an enormous amount of help and information. I […]

How to solve the White Fly problem

Q. last year I planted tomatoes the plants were full of little whiteflies. The tomatoes had a sticky black to the touch. What did I do wrong? A. Perhaps we should ask ourselves what did you fail to do. Whiteflies are a real nuisance on tomatoes, and you may need to discuss control measures with […]

Growing Tomatoes Vertically – How Far Apart Are the Overhead Wires/Pipes?

Q. I am wanting to try double density on my tomatoes this year and can’t locate the distance between the suspension pipes on the T-frames. Is 18 or 24 inches about right? A. Tomatoes can be planted as close as 6″ apart, but 8-9″ is recommended until you become very competent and regular in your […]

Blossom-End Rot – Causes and Cures

Q. I have started to spot the dreaded Blossom End Rot on SOME of my tomatoes. A plant may have a few tomatoes with the black spots on the bottom and then the others on the same plant are fine. The leaves and the entire plant look very healthy. I am watering regularly and feeding […]

Ideal Growing Temperatures

Ideal temperatures for growing tomatoes are above 70 degrees daytime and 55 degrees nighttime, and below 95 degrees daytime and 80 degrees nighttime. A 15 degree differential between daytime and nighttime temperatures is best. Temperatures outside the above ranges will substantially reduce or stop fruit-set and also contribute to other problems, such as cat-facing, blossom-end […]

Yellow Leaves on Tomato Bush

Q. My tomato bush is 4 feet high, why are the leaves turning yellow at the bottom and center of the bush? A. It could be any one or a combination of several things. 1. What are you feeding your plants? lack of any of 4 different nutrients could cause some yellowing symptoms, including nitrogen, […]