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How do I build the T-Frames you recommend for vertical growing?

Graphically illustrated instructions for building and installing T-Frames are contained in the Mittleider Gardening Course – advanced section, Chapter 15, as well as other books. Here are the “guts” of it. For a 30′ Soil-Bed or Grow-Box, buy 6 – 8′ treated 4 X 4’s. Cut two of them into 6 equal-sized pieces 32″ long. […]

T-Frames – Placement in 4′-Wide Boxes

Q. Where do I place my T-Frames in my containers that are 4′ wide? A. If putting T’s in a 4′-wide box you build your T’s with 6′-long tops.  Place them inside the end of the box and at the center. This gives a 1′ overhang on each side into the aisles, and with a […]