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Sustainable Gardening – With Fertilizers?

Q. The Mittleider Gardening Method seems to be based on the availability of modern-day fertilizers. Understanding that current day fertilizers may not be available in the future, how viable is this system for ongoing sustainability? A. First off, the Mittleider Method is NOT dependent on commercial fertilizers for viability – see the third paragraph. The […]

Growing and Maintaining a Sustainable Garden

Having a sustainable garden means very different things to different people. Some folks are led to believe that a sustainable garden must use only organic materials, because someday the commercially-available mineral nutrients may not be available. To me, this sounds somewhat like the suggestion that we should all ride bicycles because someday gasoline may not […]

Sustainable Gardening Basics – Soil-Bed and Container Sizes

In getting started with your sustainable garden it’s important that you choose the right sizes for the beds or boxes in which you’ll grow your plants.  Spacing your plants within your beds is just as important (see page 262 of The Mittleider Gardening Course book), and we’ll discuss that another time. For today I’ll explain […]