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Growing potatoes in the field seems to be different than in the garden! You say to apply 240# per acre of Weekly Feed 3 times to field crops, yet you say to use 1# per 30′ bed applied 5 times in crops grown in the garden. Isn’t that quite different? Which is right and best for me to follow.

The thing we need to remember when comparing feeding a Grow-Bed or Soil-Bed (these terms are used interchangeably) with feeding field crops is that in the garden you are actually feeding 2 rows of plants at a time in a single 18″ bed. So 1 pound of Weekly Feed applied to 30 feet of row […]

Feeding Potatoes and Other Single-Crop Flowering Varieties

Q. I was going through the FAQs at, when I came across a point of feeding the potatoes five times. I believe that Mittleider’s books state four times, but the one time difference is not the point of this question. I was forcefully instructed by my neighbor who fancies himself a devout Mittleider devotee […]

Growing Potatoes – in Containers or In The Soil

Q. Ok I’ve searched and this seems to be the upshot on taters w/ MM. Plant in rows, 4 – 6 inches deep, feed weekly till flowering (starts or is done?), and don’t “hill” but mulch or cover lightly w/ soil to prevent greening. My question now seems to be if it would be better […]

Potatoes in Grow-Boxes or Containers

Q. I can’t get to ground level easily so do all my weeding by hand since I only have 4 boxes so far. For this reason my beds are 4′ by 16′, but two are 1′ deep and two are 2′ deep. Since I get the weeds when they’re tiny (one of the blessings of […]

Can potatoes be grown in a container

Potatoes do well in containers, so long as the soil medium is light, there is sufficient room, and they are kept watered. Grow-Box gardening produces wonderful potatoes. Grow-Boxes are containers that are usually open at the bottom, but not necessarily, if they are on a patio, roof, or driveway. The key to having great potatoes, […]