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Hydroponic Growing Insights – (commercial)

Hydroponic Growing Pacific Millennium Greenhouses, in Ladner, British Colombia, Canada in a recent year had the highest reported annual production of tomatoes in the world at 75 kg per square meter. This translates to 750,000 kg per hectare, or 330,000 tons per acre! Crops are grown for 11 months, and the plants are 40-50’ long […]

Growing Commercially – Mittleider vs. Hydroponics

Q. We want to go into gardening commercially, and hydroponic greenhouse growing has been recommended. How is your Method similar or better for us than going hydroponic? A. Before you spend any money on Hydroponic buildings and equipment you need to learn about the Mittleider Method, for sure! Building a Mittleider-style greenhouse will save you […]

Growing Peppers Vertically – “Poor Man’s Hydroponics vs. Large Commercial Hydroponics

Q. Can I grow peppers vertically – like I do my tomatoes? How do you do it? A. Some information from the University of Florida Extension division at is fascinating – if you are interested in doing “The Poor Man’s Hydroponic Method” of growing peppers vertically. Pictures of the two common commercial growing methods […]