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Finding the Mittleider Magic Ingredients? We’ve Made It Easy!

Q. Does anyone else have a hard time finding the ingredients in the M method? A. We struggled with this issue for many years until Dr. M and I: (1) simplified the Pre-Plant formula and (2) decided to buy, mix, package, and sell the Micro-Nutrients ourselves on the Foundation website. Now for the Weekly Feed […]

Vegetable Gardens Are The Best Protein Producers, But Animals Have Their Place

For a vegetable gardening guy to be talking about animals may seem inconsistent to some, but since both provide food they are closely related, so I will discuss the general topic a bit here. From age 12 until I left home for college I had the full responsibility for a cow, to which were added […]

Make Your Own Weekly Feed

Would you like to remove the guesswork from growing healthy plants, and know you’re feeding them just what they need? The Mittleider Magic fertilizer formulas provide all 13 natural mineral nutrients that vegetable plants need, and if you can’t find them pre-mixed locally, you can mix them yourself. The Food For Everyone Foundation website Learn […]

Gardening by the Foot – a Treasure for Raised-Bed or Container Gardeners

I have said nothing about this book for a long time, for just one reason. Our inventory of books had brittle binding glue and the pages would fall out at the least provocation. We’ve finally solved the problem! We purchased a machine and re-bound this great gardening book ourselves, using a Plastic Comb Binder. Now […]

Growing Through the Winter

A gardener asked the following question about building small greenhouses and growing in cold weather using information from the Mittleider Grow-Box Gardens book: “Since I am in zone 3 it would be very helpful if I could have the rest of the information the article referred to on “cold weather gardening” in chapter 12 if […]

Searching for Fertilizers – Need Help

Q. I’m planning on doing a little bit of container gardening in my greenhouse this summer. I plan on using your soil-less mix as per your book “More Food From Your Garden” (out of print – I recommend The Mittleider Gardening Course) I also bought your Micro-nutrients ( – Materials) to mix in with my […]

Best Direction for Rows – Best Location for Plants

Q. Is it best for garden rows to run North & South or East & West. Taller crops on which side? A. The direction of your rows is not important. What IS important is where you put tall plants! Taller plants should be placed to the North – or East – of shorter plants. Otherwise, […]

Fertilizing Small Containers – 5 gallons as Starting Point

Q. How much Pre-Plant and how much Weekly Feed should I add to each 5-gallon pail of custom soil? We have various sizes containers (all over 8 inches deep) so I figure I can just fill the containers one at a time with the 5-gallon pails’ mixture. A. We apply 2# of Pre-Plant to a […]

Yellow Leaves on Tomato Bush

Q. My tomato bush is 4 feet high, why are the leaves turning yellow at the bottom and center of the bush? A. It could be any one or a combination of several things. 1. What are you feeding your plants. lack of any of 4 different nutrients could cause some yellowing symptoms, including nitrogen, […]

Growing in 4′-Wide Soil-Beds (in the dirt)

Q. I’m into setting up my fifth section of beds. Each one = 17 soil beds (18″ x 30ft). I’m challenged by land sloping both ways (main slope E-W & minor slope N-S = bed length). Anyway (going bit off issue) – I plan to plant mealies (corn) in this section. Got to thinking it […]