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Growing in 4′-Wide Soil-Beds (in the dirt)

Q. I’m into setting up my fifth section of beds. Each one = 17 soil beds (18″ x 30ft). I’m challenged by land sloping both ways (main slope E-W & minor slope N-S = bed length). Anyway (going bit off issue) – I plan to plant mealies (corn) in this section. Got to thinking it […]

Soil-Mix and Fertilizers to Use for Raised Beds

Q. I’ve read about using manure, compost and peat for planting medium in a square foot garden. What is the ratio one to the other for a veggie garden. I would like to use organic fertilizers also. Do I need to buy top-soil to mix with the other stuff too? I’m thinking of using 2″x12″ […]

Recommended widths for Grow-Boxes and Soil-Beds

Q. In many of the books the Grow-Box width is very different. What is the latest recommendation on the ideal size of Grow-Box width? 1 foot? 18 inches? 4 feet? A. The need for the question illustrates the fact that Dr. Jacob Mittleider experimented with the different aspects of his growing procedures throughout the many […]

Non-Standard Size Grow-Box – Filling and Fertilizing

Q. I have built 2- 4’X4′ grow boxes that are 10″ deep. I purchased on the Food for Everyone website 2 8 oz.packages of the micronutrients. For 1 package I plan to mix my weekly feed ( w/ 3 lbs epsom salts and 1- 20lb. bag of 16-16-16. My plan was to use the other […]

Build Grow-Boxes Out of Cement Blocks?

Q. Do you have any information that would discourage using cement blocks to build the grow boxes? A. Nothing serious. They take up aisle space, cost more than wood, and are more work to install because you need to secure each block – either by mortaring them together or with a Rebar stake. On the […]

Micro-Nutrients Sold By the Foundation – How Much Weekly Feed Will it Make?

Q. If I grow in 4 ‘ X 4′ raised beds, each micro elements pouch – mixed in recommended ratio to make the Weekly Feed formula – will be enough for how many feedings of a 4′ x 4’ square raised bed? A. Each Micro-Nutrient package contains two packets of 8+ ounces, which when mixed […]

Putting Cardboard, Linoleum, or Carpeting under the Box – What Height? – Filling with Dirt & Manure?

Q. I was thinking of using brown cardboard from fridge and stove boxes as a mulching in the bottoms of the raised beds to prevent weeds coming up into the beds, so I don’t have to dig, rake and work that soil so much prior to installing the soils the beds. Is there any reason […]

Mixing Fertilizer In Small Batches

Many people only have small containers in which they are trying to grow vegetables, and they only need small amounts of Pre-Plant and Weekly Feed Mixes. Here’s how to mix Weekly Feed using one-tenth of a 10-ounce Micro-Nutrient packet: Mix 2.5 pounds of 16-16-16 or similar NPK mix with 6 ounces of Epsom Salt, and […]

Correct Ratios of Materials for Grow-Boxes (Containers)

Q. In looking at the mixes for the grow boxes… say the 25% sand and 75% peat moss – is that by volume or by weight? A. Your container mixes should be measured by volume. We recommend sand be between 25% & 50% – ideally in the 30-35% range.

Searching for Fertilizers – Need Help

Q. I’m planning on doing a little bit of container gardening in my greenhouse this summer. I plan on using your soil-less mix as per your book “More Food From Your Garden” (out of print – I recommend The Mittleider Gardening Course) I also bought your Micro-nutrients ( – Materials) to mix in with my […]

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