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Commercial Growing Using The Mittleider Method

Q. I am creating a farm in Bertoua, Cameroun. Right now I have 30 ha of Banana trees (plantains) planted and 3.5 ha of hot peppers. I have to say that my farm does not look anything like the one in your book and does not produce any where near what your method says. I […]

Soy Beans for Commercial Sale

Q. I plan to grow Soy Beans this season. I will grow two (2) hectors in the field, and crops will be watered by rainfall. I live in the tropics with lots of rainfall and sunshine. What is the appropriate fertilizer combination for growing Soy Beans and the best Cultural practices, including seed rates per […]

Growing in Containers – What to Use and How to Feed

Q. I have some compost manure and peat moss ready. It looks like I may have to grow everything in containers and grow bags. I already bought 500 5 gallon grow bags. Does anyone have a better idea that is not expensive? I have a $400 monthly budget that can be applied to growing veggies. […]

Our Family Garden Produces More Than We Can Eat – Can We Sell the Excess?

Q. There is a real possibility that what could be produced in the twenty-four 30′ grow boxes we are planning on building and populating with vegetables is more than our family can consume or preserve. Since Mittleider’s books state that this is also a very real possibility, I was wondering what some of you may […]

Becoming Self-Sufficient With a Small Market Garden

Q. Can a family be totally self-sustaining by using between 1 and 2 acres to grow, eat, and sell food? A. Yes! As a matter of fact, families in many countries are doing it, and they often have gardens much smaller than 1 acre. However, you should consider carefully what you are getting into. I’ll […]

You Can Live on What You Produce On Less Space Than You Ever Imagined!

While you endure the cold winter months why not plan for a really great garden next spring. Maybe even one that could provide some income in addition to the food you eat yourselves! Does anyone have children who need responsibility – and spending money? To illustrate the potential, I’ll describe the yields achievable by growing […]

Compare Mittleider Method With Commercial Produce Growers

Q. The commercial produce growers in my area use black plastic with drip lines. They mix fertilizer in their irrigation water and pump it to the plants. What makes the Mittleider method more productive and efficient? A. Large commercial growers of things like lettuce, cabbage, etc., who water and feed accurately, especially those who feed […]

Questions from a Commercial Grower

Q. 1) In Dr Mittleider books I have found different sizes for the grow boxes, please tell me what is the best size and 2) what are the quantities of fertilizers that should be used (pre-plant and weekly feed). 3) Do you think it is good to feed sweet potatoes (or any vegetable) weekly? 4) […]

One Hectare Market Garden – More Questions

I have a few other questions: 1. What about a balanced harvest? Rather than all of one item becoming available at one time – consistently having a certain amount of vegetables etc. available will be important. How would one go about accomplishing this? 2. How many rows could be placed in a hectare? 3. What […]

One Hectare Market Garden – Questions on Getting Started

Q. I have contacted you before about a farm in Vietnam to provide food and some income for a small hamlet in coastal Vietnam. I feel the Mittleider method will far outproduce other methods. And it seems to be by far the most feasible. There is a certain stubbornness involved with gardening throughout the world […]