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How Many Beds Can be Watered at One Time – What is Needed to Make the System Work Well?

Q. I have a question concerning watering. How many beds can you tie together from one watering source and still water evenly? I plan on using one hose from the house to water the garden. I hope to build ten beds four feet wide and fifteen feet long. Will the Automated system work well with […]

How High are the Pipes From the Soil Surface?

Q. I have a question concerning the height of the pipes in grow boxes. The book says to lay 2″ X 4″ X 6″ blocks down across the bed width, but shows two pictures – one with the block laying flat, which would put the pipe 1.5 inches off the ground. The other picture shows […]

True Cost of Installing an Automated Watering System?

Q. I’m planning to install the automated watering system for my 18 raised Grow-Boxes. I thought it was supposed to be inexpensive, but I’m nearing $300 for the PVC and fittings so far. Maybe I’m buying the wrong things. Can you give me a detailed list of what I need and an estimate of what […]

Build an Inexpensive and Highly Effective Automated Watering System

Q. I am in the process of putting in the automated watering system. I have some questions. When the pipe is installed down the center of the rows are they permanently installed? Next year in preparing the garden how do you roto-till the garden with the pipes there. The garden book states to use threaded […]

Correct Hole Placement and Need for Threaded Parts to the System

Q. I was reading the instructions for automated watering and it says to mark a line and then mark another 30 degrees from that one. Is it 30 degrees between each line or 45 degrees between each line? (there are 3 rows of holes in each pipe, right?) Next, is there any particular reason that […]

Keeping PVC Pipe Off the Ground

Q. We don’t understand whether we are to place these 2″ x 3″ (6″ lengths) directly on the soil or are we to nail them to the top sides of the 2″ x 12″s. If they are to rest directly on the soil surface, how far apart should they be spaced? We are using two […]

Eliminate the Drudgery, Save Water, and Water More Efficiently!

Automating your watering system takes much of the drudgery out of the gardening experience. It also assures more efficient use of precious water and does a better job of watering every plant evenly. I highly recommend it! This process is covered, with illustrations in the Mittleider Gardening Course, chapter 15, which is available at […]

Using Irrigation Water in the Automated PVC Watering System

Q. Which book of the Mittleider gardening books gives the best-detailed instructions on using irrigation water with grow beds? I have seen some pdf files on basic set up for grow beds, the last thing I want to be doing is unplugging clogged holes several hours a week. Can irrigation water be used in all […]