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Where can I find Advanced topics covered?

When you get ready to think of maximizing your production by growing your own seedlings, using a cold frame/hot house or building your own greenhouse, or growing plants vertically (as I do to achieve over 10,000 pounds of tomatoes on 1/22nd of an acre), consider the Mittleider Gardening Course, which includes what you see on […]

What about crop rotation – is it important?

There are three reasons for crop rotation: 1. Some crops utilize more of a specific nutrient than others, and by rotating crops soil fertility can be better equalized. 2. Some crops attract specific insects. By rotating the crops the cycle of insect build-up is minimized. 3. If a crop becomes diseased, rotating to a crop […]

Where to Plant – On the Ridges (traditional) or At the Base of the Ridges?

Q. In the photo albums (, I see pictures of Jim Kennard’s Hogle Zoo gardens. It appears that he plants his crops in the rows instead of on top of the mounded part of the row. Is this due to the automated watering process or is there a secret I’m not aware of? My grannie […]

Keeping Deer From My Garden

Q. I would like to know if there is any way to keep the deer from getting in my garden without hurting them? A. Tall fences – above 6′ – work well. Some folks believe mountain lion or tiger feces will also repel them. I’m not sure about this because my garden is only 100 […]

Planning Next Year’s Garden – What Could You Produce?

Many people arrive at the end of the gardening season and wish they had planned their garden better. Often there is wasted space, and sometimes we have grown things that were not used, and perhaps couldn’t even be given away. Now is a good time to begin planning for next year’s garden – to make […]

Fall Lawn & Garden Preparation

Let’s talk about preparing your lawn, trees, shrubs, and garden for winter, and how best to improve your soil during this time of year. Much of this Country seems to be clay soil, so first let’s find out how to improve problem clay soils. These procedures also apply to other types of soil, but may […]

Tropical Garden & Orchard – Questions & Answers Similar to YOUR OWN LOCATION

Q. 1) In Dr Mittleider books I have found different sizes for the grow boxes, please tell me what is the best size and 2) what are the quantities of fertilizers that should be used (pre-plant and weekly feed). 3) Do you think it is good to feed sweet potatoes (or any vegetable) weekly? 4) […]