» Philippines Project 2023 Update

Philippines Project 2023 Update

The use of the Mittleider Method in the Philippine Islands continues to bless the lives of thousands!

(See pictures below.)

Five years ago, Jim Kennard was asked to conduct a gardening training project to teach a group of people how to use the Mittleider Method and establish a large garden/farm for the Rise and Rebuild International Foundation, with the goal of providing a healthy meal every day for the school children on the very poor island of Leyte, Philippines.

During the first year of the project a 16-acre property was cleared from the jungle growth and planted in Mittleider gardens; a 40,000-gallon elevated water tank was built and the entire property was plumbed to provide water to 3,750 soil-beds; brick storage/processing buildings were built to handle fertilizers, tools, and the storage and processing of vegetables; 2 seedling greenhouses were built, with as many as 40,000 seedlings growing at a time; and many, many tons of food were grown and distributed to thousands of students throughout the island every school day.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Philippine economy, including their schools were shut down, and people were thrown out of work, with travel severely restricted. However, the Mittleider Gardens, run by 300 R & R employees, and with a fleet of delivery trucks, were able to deliver fresh vegetables to thousands of families on three heavily populated islands, for more than two years saving countless lives.

The work now proceeds as originally planned, with feeding the noon meal to many thousands of students on the islands of Luzon, Cebu, and Leyte. Gardens/farms now comprise a total of 90 acres, with an estimated 22,500 soil beds in Tacloban (Leyte – 16 acres), Tarlac (Luzon – 14 acres), Cebu City (Cebu – 25 acres), and Lucban (Luzon – 35 acres).

The gardens supply needed vegetables to school nutrition centers and feeding centers, as well as other individuals and groups in need. The gardens also provide income for local residents. Currently, there are 300 gardeners employed at the four different garden centers. Because of the use of the Mittleider Method, these gardens produce 6 times the amount of vegetables when compared with that of local Filipino commercial gardens. The unused vegetables are sold at local markets to subsidize the gardeners’ income.

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Tacloban (Leyte – 16 acres)

Tarlac (Luzon – 14 acres)

Cebu City (Cebu – 25 acres)

Lucban (Luzon – 35 acres)