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Gardening the Mittleider Way

So! You’re interesting in planting a garden and growing your own, healthy, organic vegetables for your family — or perhaps you’ve already tried to grow vegetables, but with lackluster result, or maybe other gardening methods have left you disappointed with your yields.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, the Mittleider Gardening Method is a time proven, effective, no-gimmick answer to vegetable gardening… all over the world!


You really can grow a vegetable garden!

The information on our website and in our books can seem overwhelming – especially if you’ve never successfully gardened before – but never fear. We’ve put together a condensed, easy to use Get Started Quick Guide so take a deep breath and relax.

You can do this, you really can grow your own food.

get started growing your own vegetables, quickly!



I was bowled over by two short notes I received today from a Mittleider Gardener in Australia. Read carefully to the end and I believe you will also be thrilled at what can be done using The Mittleider Method – Jim Kennard

“(1) Hi Jim, I bought 11 packages of your fertilizer about 6 months ago and I have been meaning to send you photos of the amazing results. (We’ll post them in the Gallery when we receive them)  I’ll just list the plants that have never fruited before their hit of fertilizer. In some cases they only got one good sprinkle.

Avocado. 3 seedlings and 1 grafted…. now totally loaded with fruit.

Orange Trees that had well fruited before but now are laden.

Macadamia Nut that never had nuts. Now has about 5!

Passionfruit. None before and now has large sweet fruit.

Custard Apple. Originally was well fruited then gave up, and now has a good crop.

A Rare fern that always grew but was straggly. Huge and green now.

Normal vegetables and roses also thrived.

(2)  I also forgot to say that I have used only 1 pack of your fertilizer for a whole vege growing season, plus fed all the fruit trees, with the exception of the mangoes.

Another I forgot to mention is the Paw Paw [papaya] that came up as a seedling and flowered but would never set fruit over about 4 years. So I gave it some fertilizer as I was going by and threatened it with extinction if it didn’t wake up to itself. I’ll include a photo of it too. Not a lot but they are there…

I live near Mackay, Queensland, Australia. It’s on the northern east coast. We are in the sub-tropics. We have 200 acres of hills!  Soil is not too bad but there are so many stones that you have to use a fork to dig a hole.”

If YOU haven’t yet tried the Mittleider Magic Weekly Feed Mix from the Micro-Nutrients you owe it to your garden to do it this spring for sure!” – A Mittleider Gardener

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