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Listen as Jim Kennard, President of the Food For Everyone Foundation shares his unique and personal perspective of the importance of food independence using the Mittleider Gardening Method.


Show 1 – 48:54

Growing your own food and what it takes to actually do it. The benefits of having a real vegetable garden and where does raising animals enter the equation. 12

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Show 2 – 46:12

Why prepare? Gold, silver, government, taxes, and fiat currency. Having a great garden on a fraction of an acre. Introduction to secondary edible parts of plants and their value. Mittleider Gardening basic concepts. 13

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Show 3 – 55:46

The difference that having a garden can make in your life and in the lives of those around you. An audio walk-through of the expansive photo gallery on the Mittleider Gardening Yahoo Group; Advocating for and setting up Mittleider Gardens within a community. 31

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Show 4 – 52:03

A dialogue between Jim Kennard, Food For Everyone Foundation President and “LDS Prepper”, David Gillmore. A thoroughly interesting interview highlighting various preparedness topics and David’s introduction to and success with the Mittleider Gardening Method. 72

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Show 5 – 44:41

Thanks to those contributing. A new season of Mittleider Gardening. (pending) 43

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Show 6 – 53:08

A guide through Mittielder Garden photographs. Elaborating on the Mittleider Gardening Method. (pending) 46

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Show 7 – 49:59

More about the sigificance of Dr. Jacob Mittleider’s amazingly simple yet significant book: Gardening By the Foot. (pending) 47

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We have more radio shows that will be posted here soon, so please check back frequently!